L&S Proline Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting

The L&S Proline Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting allows for accurate flow measurements, orifice plate inspection and changing without breaking apart or depressurizing the flow line.

All fittings come standard with a documentation package including hydro-test, function test, inner valve seal test, quality control inspection and material test reports. Trace ability is maintained in accordance with the ISO-9001 Quality Control Program. The fittings are manufactured within the guidelines of ASME 16.34 and ASME 16.5. When required, radiography, stress relief, ultra-sonic and liquid dye penetration tests can be performed with the relevant report submitted.

Technical Specifications

Orifice fittings supplied are built in accordance with the Industry standards

  • Body Materials…… A216 WCB, A216 WCC, A352 LCC, A358 CF8M, A995 Gr4A, A995 Gr6A, Custom

  • Internal Parts…… AISI 4130 Carbon Steel, 316 or A351 CF8M Stainless Steel

  • Sizes & ANSI Class…… 2″ through 12″, 150 through 2500 ANSI raised face flange 14″ through 16″, 150 through 1500 ANSI raised face flange 18″ through 30″, 150 through 600 ANSI raised face flange 600, 900 and 1500 flanges also available in RTJ face flange

  • Internal Bore Size…… 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 and custom sizes

  • Sealing Compounds…… Seal bar – HNBR O-ring standard, gasket optional Shafts – Teflon packing standard, HNBR O-ring optional Inner valve – Grease seal standard, HNBR O-ring optional Orifice plate – Type “K” 2000 Edition formed HNBR seal on a 316 SS retainer ring Dual Ring HNBR O-rings standard on a 316 SS retainer ring assembly Teflon Snap Seal two-piece virgin Teflon assembly

  • Line Bore I.D. Tolerance…… In conformance with AGA-3 and ISO-5167 Latest Edition

  • Eccentricity Repeatability…… In conformance with AGA-3 and ISO-5167 Latest Edition

  • Tap Connections…… Two 1/2” NPT per side standard, two 1/2” NPT additional per side optional (TT) 2” and 3” fitting sizes center bored to .375” inside diameter 4” and larger sizes center bored to .500” inside diameter Tolerance +/- 1/64”

  • Orifice Plate Seal Gap…… 2” through 6” = 0.562”, 8” through 14” = 0.688”, 16” through 20” = 0.813” 24” through 30” = 0.875

  • Operating Shaft Location…… Left hand mount standard on sizes 2” through 14” (150-1500 ANSI) Dual operation on sizes 16” and larger, or 2500 ANSI

  • Operating Temperature…… Standard at -20° to 100° F, optional -40° to 1200° F

  • Operating Position…… Vertical or horizontal

Parts matter, whatever your service environment. Our standard zinc-plated 4130 carbon steel internals offer superior corrosion protection and resistance to sulfide or hydrogen induced cracking, providing reliability and performance over a long service life. These parts conform to NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156:2003 specifications.

This Trend is Set to Continue

For extreme corrosive applications, such as wet H2S service, 316 stainless steel internals are available to protect against general and localized corrosion.We ensure that our parts and accessories offerings are interchangeable with the current industry standard orifice fitting brand, making L&S Proline Orifice Fitting internals suitable for re-builds and re-works of our competitors’ product lines.
HNBR O-ring Seals on both the body and seal bar come standard with all Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings. This feature eliminates nuisance gasket maintenance and clamping bar screw breakage, while providing superior sealing capability. The O-rings incorporated are standard shelf sizes and can be supplied in a wide variety of compositions. Gaskets are also available and can be used when preferred or required..

The Soft Seat Valve Seal is available for all dual chamber models. Particularly suited to low pressure applications, this unique design enables a bubble-tight seal between the upper and lower chambers without the need for frequent lubrication. The specially machined seal channel helps prevent O-ring dislocation, and the O-ring seals incorporated are available in a wide variety of compositions.